How to Write an Office Resume

The best place to start with your office resume is to assess your resume skills and abilities. Some office jobs will require proficiency in all areas of office work, where as large businesses may divide tasks and require only certain skills.

Let’s start by looking at the most common types of office work and the skills they each require.

Communications/Mail – A great deal of office work deals with generating and distributing actual and virtual information and materials

Virtual information – Virtual information is generated on computers and distributed on the internet. Skills required include expertise with software programs, social networking and internet systems and sites.

Actual information and material
– Actual information and material refers to documents and products you can hold in your hands. Tasks often include operating copy machines, dealing with US Postal and other mail services and inter office distribution.

Gate keeper
– The job of the gatekeeper or receptionist is to manage phones and individual contacts on a daily basis. Human relation and organizational skills are required.

Support Staff – Office support work usually deals with scheduling, billing, research and organization of both physical and computer files. Knowledge of different computer systems and strong organization skills are required.

You can begin your resume writing after you identify which office work best matches your skills. If you are interested in a certain job but lack some of the skills, you might consider enrolling in a class or taking an online course. It’s OK to use examples from non office jobs, volunteer and community work, or extracurricular activities. For example, if you are active on Facebook or understand how ebooks work, you can list these interests as skills.

Make sure to pay attention to the basics when you are resume writing. Handing in a clean document, free of spelling and typing errors with up to date personal information will set a strong example of the type of work you are capable of producing. Try to match your skills with the job requirements and give specific examples as shown in how to write a resume. Let strong clear language demonstrate your communication skills and use bullet points, bold print and underlining to organize your information. A well written resume is an essential step in finding the right office job.

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