How to Write a Teacher Resume

Writing a teacher resume differs greatly than other resume writing for jobs in most of the private business sector in an important way. Accomplishments in business are quantified by numbers whether they are retention of employees, percentages of growth, expenses reduced, or revenue generated.

Accomplishments in teaching are not always so easily calculated. Unless you are discussing test scores, results can be a bit more difficult to describe although the impact of a teacher’s accomplishments can be immeasurable.

The contribution to society from a teacher’s accomplishments by inspiring students to reach for new heights or turning failing students around and motivating them to become productive members of society could be valued at millions of dollars. Students who fail, drop out of school, and become convicted of crimes cost taxpayers plenty.

There is magic in numbers. People measure by numbers and employers are people. Whether a business for profit, government entity, non profit, or school, employers love numbers. Some ways you can include numbers in your accomplishment statements for your teacher resume and cover letters are:

Don’t underestimate your accomplishment of encouraging even one student to pursue further study, getting a class enthusiastic about learning a particular subject, recognizing a learning disability, or starting a team for a school sport.  A short statement of such accomplishment will add to the exhibition of your teaching skills and be appreciated.

Educational Materials
List the relevant educational materials you have used and created.

Teaching Aids
Statements about the teaching materials you have used and any special props, artwork, games, and other learning aids you have made can demonstrate your creative skills.

State what types of computers and educational software programs with which you have experience teaching. Explain how you used the computers for teaching and for what subjects. If you used computers to connect to students tell how and why.

Continued Education
In addition to your qualifications, list any continued education you have had in your subject matter and teaching workshops and seminars attended.

Other Experience

If you have worked on a traditional school schedule with several months off during the year you might have additional relevant work or teaching experience to include from any part time or temporary teaching jobs.

Teaching Environment and Structure

In many areas a teacher with experience in a diverse student population is desirable. If you have a background in multicultural or bilingual teaching this could be important to your target school or area.

Other Duties
If you performed additional duties, other than teaching, such as serving on any boards, office assistance, playground duty, field trip chaperoning, or lunch room supervision, briefly tell about them. The school where you are applying will no doubt need the same tasks performed.

Any sports supervision or coaching or other extracurricular involvement is also helpful for showing your attitude and dedication.

If you have experience as a secondary school teacher you might have helped students with college and career planning.

Additional Qualifications for the Teacher Resume

Besides being educated about the subject matter, important skills teachers need to show are

Participation and Volunteer Work
Many school systems encourage parent and teacher involvement in school management decisions. If you have active in making decisions regarding the budget, vendors, personnel, educational materials, textbooks, yearbooks, curriculum, scheduling, and teaching methods, a brief description of your participation can benefit your resume.

Teacher Resume for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary School
State the grades you were responsible for and if you were subject

specialized or what subjects you taught. Explain the age groups or grades taught, class sizes, and if you were involved with multi-level class rooms or teaching. Tell if you worked on a team or were solely responsible for a class or subject.

Tell about any learning activities you coordinated and the subject matter. State the activities and materials you have used to introduce subjects and ideas for language and vocabulary skills, reading, mathematics, physical education, social skills, and science.

Teacher Resume for Middle School and Secondary Teachers
Most middle school and secondary education teachers specialize in teaching a particular subject. List your subjects taught and if you were involved in any specific career education.

Any work you performed or partnering with organizations outside the school for vocational reasons could be beneficial in demonstrating your dedication and further support your communication skills.

Education and Certification
Including your teaching education, certificates, state licensing, and continuing education is required on a teacher resume. Specialty education in mathematics, science, social studies, music, art, and literature or others are now common and need to be included. Anything additional such as education in psychology or teaching methods can be helpful. Add any internship completed and other accreditation.

Additional Opportunities
Schools also employ librarians, reading specialists, speech pathologists, instructional coordinators, office assistants, nurses, guidance counselors and principals. Teachers often become principals, assistant principals, or supervisors. If you are looking to advance include your management skills and experience in your resume writing. See the Complete Guide to Getting a Teaching Job and get the edge you need.

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