Resume Writing with the Word Survey

Survey – to examine a field or set of data.
surveyed, surveying
noun form: survey

Survey is a resume writing power word that shows that a candidate:

What to survey – data, research, information, fields, areas, users, employees, customers, natural phenomena, land, applicants, people

Resume Writing Examples

Example that Shows Communication Skills

Surveyed all of customers and implemented changes based on feedback to ensure that hotel staff was providing the best possible service.

Conclusion: This candidate can gather data and communicate conclusions for positive results.

Example that Shows Analytical Skills

Improved public speaking skills by surveying the techniques of dozens of public speakers, television hosts, and radio personalities.

Conclusion: This candidate was able to examine the techniques of successful people and find useful common patterns.

Examples that Show Research Skills

Surveyed over three hundred customers each week for their reactions to movies and grouped the data to got to press.

Conclusion: This candidate can collect and distribute information.

Surveyed the data on renewable energy costs and made recommendations to the board about the company’s environmental policy.

Conclusion: The candidate has strong research skills.

Synonyms: analyze, appraise, assess, chart, check, consider, critique, describe, evaluate, inspect, investigate, measure, observe, outline, overview, poll, question, research, review, sample, scan, study, evaluate

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