How to write an Administrative Assistant Resume

Resume writing for an administrative assistant position requires thinking beyond just listing your experience and writing statements about the skills the employer desires.  An administrative assistant can encompass a wide range of duties though the skills desired evolve around common core duties. When employers search for administrative assistants they are often one person looking for a “job manager.’ Often the job they need managed is their own.

The tasks can include researching, obtaining, organizing, and distributing information, communicating, planning and scheduling, greeting guests, answering phones and email, and a myriad of other duties. Statements of accomplishments that show attention to details, competence, clerical skills, and communication skills are all advisable.

Specific knowledge might be helpful for instance the medical, law, engineering, and manufacturing fields all have certain billing

procedures and terminology. If you have experience in a similar industry let them know. If you are crossing over into an unfamiliar industry focus on your transferable skills and pass close attention to any language in the employer’s job postings. Become familiar with their terms and use them when applicable.

Strong references are need for the administrative assistant job hunter. A great reference can be a ticket to an interview and even the job offer. Use a reference cover letter from a previous employer whenever possible.

To operate effectively, offices now depend on many technological tools including cell phones, twitter, fax machines, copiers, scanners, videoconferencing, blogging, spreadsheet software, contact management systems, databases, and document creation. List your Internet abilities, software program experience, office equipment knowledge, and your ability to learn quickly as new software and equipment is bound to be purchased.

You can get an edge with The Secrets to Getting an Administrative Assistant Job. Don’t overlook the basics. You need to let a potential employer you will be dedicated, prompt, courteous, energetic, optimistic, organized, and willing to go the extra mile when needed.

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