Resume Skills List

As there is a cross over in the definition of the differences between resume skills and abilities, for the most part, for the purpose of resume writing, determining the difference of each one is not vital.
What is important:

  1. Evaluating yourself and taking inventory of your skills, abilities, and attributes, and determining which ones you possess.
  2. Choosing your skills, abilities, and attributes that are relevant to each job and employer where you send your resume.
  3. Expressing your skills and abilities with optimum impact on your resume with power words and specific examples of your use of your skills and your accomplishments.

Many skills that are relevant and important to employers are overlooked in resume writing. You can impress employers with a variety of verbiage and skills they desire in candidates.

Rather than choosing the run of the mill skills and words on commonly found on resume builders and forms, here is a list to spark your thinking and express relevant skills you might otherwise neglect.

Skills List

Mark the skills on the check list you possess. Then choose the power vocabulary to best describe your demonstrations.  Download a printable pdf of the skills list.

___ Adapting new procedures
___ Administration support
___ Administering programs
___ Advising people
___ Analytical
___ Applying information
___ Applying knowledge
___ Assembling products

___ Attention to details
___ Auditing
___ Bringing people together
___ Budgeting
___ Calculating
___ Checking for accuracy

___ Clerical
___ Coaching people
___ Collecting money
___ Communicating with children

___ Communicating
___ Competence
___ Compiling data
___ Completing forms
___ Comprehension
___ Confronting people
___ Considering the opinions of others
___ Counseling people
___ Creating Ideas
___ Creating a positive work environment

___ Creative
___ Customer service
___ Decision making
___ Delegating tasks
___ Desirable traits
___ Distributing products
___ Drawing plans and diagrams
___ Driving
___ Digesting Information
___ Editing
___ Enforcing rules and policy
___ Entertaining
___ Evaluating performance
___ Financial management
___ Finding answers
___ Following instructions
___ Gaining the confidence of others
___ Generating new business
___ Handling Complaints
___ Imagination
___ Inspecting buildings
___ Inspecting objects

___ Intelligent
___ Interviewing job candidates
___ Interviewing and questioning people
___ Interpreting information
___ Interpreting languages
___ Inventing ideas
___ Inventing products
___ Implementing new policy and procedures

___ Leader
___ Listening
___ Making sacrifices to reach goals

___ Management
___ Manipulating numbers
___ Meeting deadlines
___ Motivating people
___ Negotiating
___ Organizing workspace
___ Performing demonstrations
___ Persuading people
___ Planning meetings/events

___ Prioritizing tasks
___ Problem Solving
___ Professional Knowledge
___ Profit oriented
___ Providing customer service
___ Promoting products or services
___ Proposing ideas
___ Public Speaking
___ Reading
___ Raising funds
___ Remaining calm in a crisis
___ Reaching beneficial conclusions from research
___ Research

___ Responsible
___ Seeing different points of view

___ Self Motivated
___ Selling
___ Setting goals
___ Sorting data
___ Spreading optimism
___ Summarizing information
___ Taking action

___ Teamwork
___ Technical
___ Working with government regulations
___ Working with hands
___ Writing
___ Writing Reports
___ Recognizing problems
___ Relating to People
___ Rehabilitating People
___ Serving others
___ Setting Standards
___ Troubleshooting
___ Visualizing

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