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Why does most everyone need resume help? For many job openings there are hundreds (sometimes thousands), of candidates and only one winner. Coming in second for a job is the same as coming in last. Employers give no consolation prizes in the job hunting game.

The object of the game is simple: to get a job!

1. Resumes/cover letters/networking are needed to get interviews
2. An interview is most always required to get a job

Playing the game is tricky and complex:

1. Your resume and cover letter need to be sent to a job you are qualified for and at the right time.

2. Your cover letter must:

3. Your resume:

You need every possible edge.

The Resume Dictionary is the authority on resume writing. Use the information and power words to beat out the other contestants.

How to Write a Resume

Resume Dictionary offers step by step instructions on how to write a resume with little known tactics that can give you the edge. You can’t afford to let your resume words keep you in the unemployment line.

It’s time to get a new job. Even if you currently have a job, the Resume Dictionary can help you improve the way you describe your skills and abilities so that you can impress the hiring managers you meet.

Ask most people about writing resumes, and they will immediately begin to moan and groan. However, people using Resume Dictionary have a smile on their faces because they have figured out how to make the process painless and easy. By turning to this online tool, they are beating the system.

1. Greater effectiveness. You’ll spend more time in interviews when your job application is full of power phrases and language that clearly describes your skill set. You will be more interesting and better equipped to discuss your skills.

2. An insider’s edge. The Dictionary was developed by experts and updates continually with new examples and updates in response to shifts in the job market. You’ll be working with the inside track and avoiding mistakes by referring to the examples provided.

3. Tools for winners. You can find the examples you need to build yourself up in the eyes of your new employers as a winner. They will be able to understand how you meet their needs through your implementation of the tool kit, including the HR’s List of 197 Words to Avoid.

Choose the Right Type

You need to determine the resume type you should be using. There are several types: the reverse chronological, functional, combination, modified letter, exception, and government resume. Using the wrong resume type could eliminate you. The right type will be accepted and illuminate your strongest skills.

Discover How to Find All of Your Skills and Abilities

Most people do not consider all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities they possess before writing a resume. The Resume Dictionary has an extensive resume skills list to help you inventory yours. This checklist can help you do a personal inventory of your talents against a list of the skills most desired by employers. It will also give you a visual reference to work with as you redesign your existing resume.

Keep in mind that all things being equal, including a relevant skill that is not on the other contenders’ resumes, might be the tipping point that gets you the interview.

Resume Help for the Skills Resume

Putting together a skills-based resume is a quick project with the right resume how to tips. With the chronological resume so dominant in the marketplace, making the switch can set you apart from other candidates and get employers to take a second look at your abilities. You will be able to put the focus on your capabilities instead of your work history.

Armed with the completed checklist and the position description, you can do a comparison and see which skills on the checklist the employer is looking to see based on what they ask for in the job description. This lets you know specifically which skills of yours need to be highlighted on your job application.

A common mistake on skills-based resumes is the inclusion of data that isn’t relevant to the job—you will want to be very intentional about what you include on the page to get the maximum impact. As another insider’s resume how to tip for a skills-based document, keep in mind that many employers are busy and may not have much time to review your application. By including only the most relevant information, you save them time while creating the image of yourself as the perfect fit for the position vacancy.

Power Words

The power words in the Resume Dictionary, when used correctly as in the examples, can give you a tremendous edge. Discover what power words are and how they work. Then put these words to work for you by seeing how to write a resume with power words.

Example Statements

The words in the Resume Dictionary have resume example statements that follow the formula of stating and often supporting skills with specific accomplishments.

How to Write an Objective

Learn why MOST objectives fail and discover how to write a resume objective that amazes employers using the mirror method.

Words that Kill Your Resume

Make sure you don’t use any of the 197 words you should not use that could potentially hurt your chances and eliminate you.

How to Write a Job Resume

A job resume is tailored to target a certain position or employer or both. This tactic can give you a super edge. See the four steps to create one.

Look Out for Tired Words

Many employers tire of seeing the same vocabulary day in and out. Get their attention by using a variety of language instead of the same tired words with resume writing synonyms.

What to do When You Are Done Writing

What should you do when you are done? See how to start your job search.

How to Write a Federal Resume

Federal resumes are often required for government jobs and must follow certain specifications.

How to Write KSA Statements

KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. KSA statements are required for many government positions, yet knowing what they are and how to write them can help you with most any resume. KSA writing requires a time investment that can reap rewards for the Federal job hunter.

Job Hunting Terms

Be familiar with job words.

Find Out What You do to Help HR Select Your Resume

Human Resource personnel and hiring decision makers are often not the same people. Hiring decision makers see your resume differently than HR personnel and desire dissimilar information about you.

More Resume Help

See our list of 101 free resume resources.


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