Publish – to make available to the public.
published, publishing
noun form: publication

Publish is a resume writing power word indicating that a candidate has:

How to Use:
Use publish to list reports, articles, or other content you have written.
Use publish to indicate writing that has received public recognition.

What to publish – books, magazines, articles, forms, website content, essays, articles, speeches.

Resume Writing Examples:

Examples that Show Communication Skills

Published four scientific articles and six technical reports.

Conclusion: This candidate has a proven track record of quality writing.

Published numerous self-help articles online, generating 15% more traffic to the company’s website as a result.

Conclusion: This candidate can write effectively.

Published work in this area has received numerous awards for quality writing and timely information.

Conclusion: This candidate has received public recognition for his or her work and can communicate that work effectively.

Published a book on Server Administration which has since become an industry standard.

Conclusion: This candidate is an authority in his or her field and can teach aspects of that field to others.

Synonyms: advertise, announce, broadcast, circulate, communicate, declare, disclose, distribute, divulge, issue, notify, print, proclaim, produce, promulgate, report

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