inform – to supply knowledge.
informed, informing
noun form: information

Inform is a resume writing power word that illustrates:

Resume Writing Formula:
decision/strategy/theory + information = results/success

What to inform – people, customers, viewers, community, decisions, assessment, audience.

How to Use:
Use inform to demonstrate your knowledge sharing.
Use inform to illustrate practices, strategies, or decisions where your information made a difference.
Use inform to signify your knowledge or know-how.

Resume Writing Examples:

Examples that Exhibit Intelligence

My data collection of various animal species helped to inform biologists about their eating and mating habits.

Conclusion: This candidate contributes to scientific discoveries.

My marketing knowledge, gathered through years of research, helped inform the Board’s decision to focus on one product line utilizing multiple channels.

Conclusion: This candidate is knowledgeable about marketing and can apply that knowledge successfully.

My decision to launch a second store was informed by data about the potential customers in the surrounding area.

Conclusion: This candidate uses background knowledge to make big decisions.

Examples that Show Communication Skills

I was successful in contacting hundreds of new customers and informing them about our specials and new product lines.

Conclusion: This candidate can make a connection with many potential customers.

As Middle East correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle, I provided my readers with pertinent information about the ongoing wars and political contests in the area.

Conclusion: This candidate can collect and synthesize important political information.

Synonyms: advise, communicate, educate, endow, enlighten, familiarize, forewarn, illuminate, impart, instruct, notify, post, report, tell, train, update

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