Resume Writing with the Power Word Increase

increase – to make greater in terms of size or number
increased, increasing

noun form:

Increase is a resume writing power word that
▪ indicates growth or development
▪ quantifies the results of the candidate’s work
▪ describe a change in quantity

Resume Writing Formula:

beneficial amount or trend + increase = results/success
What to increase – number, percentage, figure, size, weight, capacity, frequency, speed.

How to use increase in resume writing:

Use increase to describe the results of your work
Use increase to indicate the extent of growth

Resume Writing Examples Using Increase

Example that Demonstrates Problem Solving Skills

Increased the number of product lines to eliminate the company’s dependence on a single product.

Conclusion: This candidate can boost growth to prevent stagnation.

Example that Shows Profit Oriented Thinking

Increased profit margins 13.4% with an in house internet marketing campaign.

Conclusion: This candidate takes steps to build revenue.

Resume Writing Example that Indicates Leadership Skills

The number of annual sales increased by 17% as a result of my team building retreats with  sales personnel.

Conclusion: This candidate can lead and motivate a team.

Resume Writing Example that Exhibits Selling Skills

Salesperson of the Year Award – Attributed to increasing cold calls and improving selling skills.

Conclusion: This resume writing example shows achievement recognition in sales (and self motivating behavior.)

Synonyms: accelerate, amplify, boost, build up, enhance, enlarge, escalate, expand, extend, grow, heighten, lengthen, multiply, raise, rise, spread, strengthen

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