implement – to put into effect.
implemented, implementing
noun form: implementation

Implement is a resume writing power word that exemplifies a candidate’s:

Resume Writing Formula:
concept or goal + implementation = results/success

What to implement – change, strategy, program, plan, process, idea, design, proposal.

How to Use:
Use implement to highlight accomplishments of yours.
Use implement to mention projects, plans, strategies, or proposals you have put into action.
Use implement to imply self-motivation.

Resume Writing Examples:

Examples that Show Competence

As president of Digital inc., implemented massive changes to the marketing and accounting departments.

Conclusion: This candidate is capable of making needed changes.

Examples that Show Self-Motivation

When the filing system at Mosby Publishing became too unorganized, implemented a new data storage process.

Conclusion: This candidate initiated a new organizational system by himself or herself.

While at Alphagraphics implemented several strategies for recycling paper, which were eventually adopted by the entire company.

Conclusion: This candidate took the lead in making improvements to the company’s processes.

Examples that Show Problem Solving Skills

Implementation of a code of conduct at the bowling alley greatly reduced the instances of harassment between patrons by 50%.

Conclusion: This candidate can solve problems of safety in the workplace.

Raised the standards and gave the restaurant a more professional feel by implementing of a dress code.

Conclusion: This candidate has solved image problems for his or her restaurant.

Synonyms: accomplish, achieve, actualize, apply, carry out, complete, effect, employ, enable, enforce, execute, finish, fulfill, function, instigate, operate, perform, realize, start

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