How to Show Attention to Detail

Because you have experience at a job, profession, or task, does not necessarily prove you pay attention to detail. In fact experience can even work against you here. How? The tasks we become most familiar with are the ones we often become the most careless. Think about when you were trying something for the first time when you were cautious and focusing on every detail to get it right. That same focus diminishes as we become accustom to an action or job.

Working in relevant statements about how you pay attention to detail on your resume is a benefit.

Many employers want to know you can pay attention to detail. Most employers know that even the largest of projects are dependent on the smallest details.

If you wish to attract the attention of an employer you will be assessed by your accomplishments and your ability to pay attention to detail.

Our world consists of detail, much of it so minute that it must be viewed under a microscope.

Most jobs involve close attention to details. Even if you are new to the workforce you can demonstrate that you pay attention to detail.

Statements that show a habit of paying attention to details.

Prepared daily routes for all delivery drivers which included pinpointing addresses and marking the shortest distance between points in logical succession which expedited deliveries.

Kept detailed records of expenses throughout construction projects.

Recorded all purchases and deposits and balanced checkbook monthly.

Seven years as band member playing the violin and cello.

Maintained accurate monthly expense account while traveling six state territory.

Restored a 1964 Chevrolet Impala from the ground up to original condition that has won seven first place trophies.

Statements that show accomplishments from paying attention to details and had positive results.

Created and submitted plans, bought materials, and constructed 720 square foot deck that conformed to city codes.

Collected 176 family recipes and created a cookbook that has sold more than 15,700 copies to date.

Performed annual audit of company books finding mistakes and making corrections saving more than $78,021 in taxes.

Spotted mistake in the drug being administered to a patient preventing possible injury.

Positive results can be a benefit, savings, or prevention. See more statements that show attention to detail using power words.

71 Common Ways to Show Attention to Detail

Here are common ways to show your attention to detail. They are common because none of these activities need to be your profession for you to have performed them on the job or at home.
Write statements that involve these activities.

Here are some common phrases that show attention to detail:

See power words for resume writing that show attention to detail.

Synonyms and descriptors: ABCs, accessory article, analyze, catalog, component, count, cue, delineate, depict, describe, design, designate, dope, elaborate, element, embellish, enumerate, epitomize, exhibit, fact, factor, fine point, fly speck, fraction, individualize, item, itemize, label, lay out, minor point, minutia, nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts, part, particular, particularize, peculiarity, plan, point, portion, quote chapter and verse, recapitulate, recite, recount, report, reveal, schedule, set forth, show, specialize, specialty, specification, spell out, stipulate, structure, summarize, sweat the details, technicality, trait, trivia, triviality, uncover

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