Discover – to find out.
discovered, discovering
noun form: discovery

Discover is a resume writing power word that indicates the candidate’s:

▪ determination to gain more information
▪ ability to interpret information and draw conclusions
▪ ability to formulate new strategies

Resume Writing Formula:
lost or unknown ideas + discovery = results/success

What to discover – scientific finding, natural phenomena, new method, answer, solution.

How to use:
Use discover to describe your findings or contributions to a field.
Use discover to show that you can use information appropriately to make decisions.
Use discover to indicate your ability to devise new plans or methods.

Resume Writing Examples

Example that Exhibits Intelligence

Discovered hundreds of stars and planets with the use of my new telescope.

Conclusion: This candidate can contribute valuable information to the scientific community.

Example that Shows Research Skills

Discovered a safer and more profitable way to grow vegetable crops by researching genetic hybrids.

Conclusion: This candidate

Discovering a cure for acne after various experiments.

Conclusion: This candidate is an important contributor to the field of dermatology.

Example that Indicates Analytical Skills

In order to discover who committed the crimes, I collected and analyzed the evidence.

Conclusion: This candidate can access and examine useful information.

Example that Shows Profit Oriented Thinking

My team broke sales records by discovering a new way to advertise over the Internet.

Conclusion: This candidate has influential ideas.

Synonyms: conceive, detect, determine, discern, distinguish, encounter, expose, hear, identify, learn, locate, notice, observe, originate, perceive, pioneer, realize, reveal, see, uncover

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