Resume Writing with the Power Word Demonstrate

Demonstrate – to show.
demonstrated, demonstrating
noun form: demonstration

Demonstrate is a resume writing power word that shows the candidate’s ability to:

▪ relay information
▪ teach and instruct others
▪ develop and improve professional skills

Resume Writing Formula:
action/knowledge/behavior + demonstration = results/success

What to demonstrate – skill, behavior, talent, ability, performance, activity, manner.

How to use:
Use demonstrate to show that you have valuable knowledge that is useful to others.
Use demonstrate to enhance the skills and abilities that you already exhibit.

Resume Writing Examples:

Example that Shows Leadership Abilities

Demonstrated how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to trainees and helped certify over 150 lifeguards as a result.

Conclusion: This candidate is experienced and can train others.

Example that Shows Sales Skills

Created and performed product demonstrations that relayed useful information to the prospective customer and increased sales average by 17%.

Conclusion: This resume writing example indicates an ability to convey important product information.

Example that Characterizes Desirable Traits

Demonstrated patience by teaching mentally disabled children who required constant attention and care.

Conclusion: This candidate is skilled at remaining patient in difficult situations.

Example that Exhibits Communication Skills

By demonstrating how to converse using instant messaging, sped up communication between staff members in the office and field reps.

Conclusion: This candidate can show others how to communicate more efficiently with technology.

Example that Reinforces Skills and Abilities

Demonstrated teamwork skills by encouraging each team member to have a say in the project and valuing each person’s contributions.

Conclusion: This candidate shows teamwork skills by promoting team unity.

Demonstrated self-motivation by setting personal sales goals and working additional hours to meet those goals.

Conclusion: This resume writing example shows prospective employers a determination to improve.

Synonyms: attest, describe, display, establish, evidence, exemplify, exhibit, explain, expose, expound, express, illustrate, indicate, instruct, parade, perform, prove, reveal, teach

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