The customer service resume should show your understanding for the importance of the job. You need to demonstrate that you are not passive and satisfied with just maintaining the status quo. The most successful businesses are those who have high customer retention rates. Since customer service staff directly interacts with customers, they understand the customer’s opinions and preferences and can pass this information along; this information in turn can have a major impact on future business decisions.

Since customer service representatives are often the voice and or face of the company, the first impression you create with your writing is extremely important. Make an effort to emphasize the following strengths:

Positive Attitude – Since you will probably be dealing with unhappy customers throughout your workday, a positive attitude is essential. Use work and personal examples to demonstrate times you took assertive actions to solve problems.

Appreciate the business – Do some research and praise the business in your cover letter. Let them know you want to be their advocate.

Team player – Since you will often be the link between sales, costumers and administration you need to demonstrate that you are a team player. Give examples of teamwork in your employment history, volunteer work and extracurricular activities.

Discipline – Self control and reliability are a must, so show examples of consistency in work and education.

Travel – Many customer service jobs require travel. Simply state your willingness to travel and work varied shifts.

Since you will be the voice and face of the business, your appearance you project through your resume writing is crucial. You need to deliver a clean, error free document. You also want to spend time polishing the language. When you speak for yourself, demonstrate the style and care you will take when you speak for the company. If the company has a certain tone, try to adapt that style in your writing. Use power words with accomplishment statements for your customer skills and teamwork skills.

Customer service workers need to be likable. Whether you are applying for a position as a call center manager, customer service manager or a customer service representative your pleasant personality may be your strongest asset. Let your customer service resume reflect a friendly business-like and carry that image through to the interview.

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