Using Cultivate in Resume Writing

Cultivate – to grow or develop.
cultivated, cultivating
Noun form: cultivation

Cultivate is a resume writing power word that can be utilized to:

• Demonstrate improvement in skills or attitude
• Accentuate the ability to motivate others
• Describe the development of a program or project
• Promote creativity

What to cultivate – plants, skills, projects, interests, an ability

Use cultivate to:
emphasize your perfection of a skill necessary for the position you seek.
show your motivational skills.
describe how you’ve helped in the development of a program or project.

Resume Writing Examples:

Example of the Development of a Desirable Trait

Cultivated a desire to help sick children during volunteer work at the hospital

Conclusion: This candidate cares about helping people in need.

Example of Motivational Skill

I helped cultivate an appreciation for mathematics among my students.

Conclusion: This candidate can motivate others with his or her own passion for mathematics.

Example Showing Creative Skill

My cultivation of an innovative method for indoor potato gardening protects crops from harsh weather.

Conclusion: This candidate uses creativity to solve problems effectively.

Synonyms: advance, aid, ameliorate, assist, better, bolster, breed, elevate, encourage, enrich, fertilize, forward, foster, help, improve, labor, look after, nurse, nurture, prepare, promote, propagate, raise, rear, refine, support, tend, work on

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