Resume Writing with the Power Word Convert

Convert – to transform.
converted, converting
noun form: conversion

Convert is resume writing power word that can be used show:

▪ persuasion skills
▪ a candidate’s improvement to the organization
▪ changes in the financial situation

Resume Writing Formula:
condition/situation/form + conversion = results/success

What to convert
– money, amount, people, measurement, building, place, mindset, attitude.

How to use:
Use convert to show how you change other people’s ways of thinking.
Use convert to indicate an improvement to the product or company.

Resume Writing Examples Using Convert:

Examples that Shows Profit Oriented Thinking

Converted an old, broken down building into a new dance studio, which minimized the initial costs of opening my own school.

Conclusion: This candidate is resourceful and can minimize start-up costs.

Due to the favorable conversion rates, my expansion efforts into China increased profit by 28%.

Conclusion: This candidate can increase profits by expanding to global markets.

Example that Indicates Selling Skills

By converting all of our products into ecologically friendly products, I appealed to a large consumer base that was previously untapped by our industry.

Conclusion: This candidate can make massive changes that increases demand for the company’s product.

Examples that Demonstrates Communication Skills

Converted many drug addicts into fully-functioning members of society using my patience and persuasion skills.

Conclusion: This candidate can incite changes in other people through conversation.

Converted hundreds people into supporters of the Republican Party by initiating political conversations and giving speeches.

Conclusion: This candidate can influence other people’s attitudes through persuation.

Synonyms: adjust, alter, amend, convince, exchange, modify, morph, move, reform, remodel, renovate, revise, shift, transfer, transform, translate, persuade, renew

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