How to Write a Babysitter Resume

Your babysitter resume needs to convey your child care skills and your desirable personality traits to potential employers. Even for part time or irregular work arrangements, employers will be giving a critical eye to your skill set. You must come across as professional, competent, and good with children. Given the deadly fear that many employers have of leaving their children with strangers, diminishing that fear from the onset with a professional attitude is critical.

Formal training is not a requirement, but it will be a significant advantage. Everything from simple first aid certifications to Childhood Development degrees will be a boon in the eyes of a parent or hiring manager as these are visible signs of your commitment to the profession and your capabilities. Such items also help separate you from other candidates and give you a competitive edge. References, referrals, and recommendations will also help you edge out other candidates.

Customer management and basic business skills are equally important. Babysitters have to keep two populations contented – the children in their care and the parents. Without good management of both, a successful babysitting career will not happen. Schedule management and basic financial skills will also be critical to a smooth job experience, as employers will expect you to be able to manage your time and money.

Babysitter Resume Tips:

Though there is strong demand for babysitters, there are also many candidates in the field looking for good babysitting jobs. To secure the best positions with quality families, you need to make your core skills and abilities stand out to decision makers. In particular, your resume should highlight the following skill groups and personality traits (click on the links for power words to describe your skills) :

Upbeat attitude: Employers want to see sitters that have an upbeat attitude to keep things light and happy with the children under their care.

Demonstrate Responsibility: Responsibility is a key skill for employers. They want to know that you will arrive on time, be a responsive and responsible caregiver, and take appropriate actions for disciple or emergency situations.

Customer Skills: Relationship management, cooperation in care delivery, and shaping expectations for parents all make customer skills essential for babysitters, especially if you are looking to work for multiple families or a care giving institution.

Creative Skills: Employers want to see evidence of creativity to be sure that you can keep the children entertained while they are under your care.

Flexibility: Employers are interested in your flexibility for the odd hours, short notice, and sudden changes that are a hallmark of the profession.

Turnover in babysitting positions is high relative to other fields. However, due to horror stories about bad caregivers, both private and public employers are very picky about the candidate they consider. Thus, even though there may be many different job openings, you should put in a strong effort when applying to each position to ensure you get interviews and the chance at the best job offers.

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