How to Write an Administrative Supervisor Resume

An effective administrative supervisor resume
needs to show that you have experience managing others and enabling efficient business operations. With responsibilities for support staff, supplies acquisition, and business schedules, you need to be able to handle the many personalities and operational details that are present at the company. Your resume should show that you have the organizational skills and the interpersonal skills to keep things on track.

Administrative supervisors have responsibility for ensuring both service delivery and quality. Project management skills are critical. Employers also value administrative supervisors who show initiative and creativity in anticipating and solving problems. Many administrative supervisors have to deliver results in environments where resources are limited and budgets are tight.

A pleasant personality is also important for this role. While cheerfulness is not mandatory, the ability to grow positive working relationships with all members of staff is important. Relationship building helps ensure that projects will be completed on time and that staff will come forward readily with their needs and concerns. Employers want to see candidates who have the potential to create and maintain a functioning and productive office environment.

Administrative Supervisor Resume Tips

The competition for administrative supervisor roles is fierce. External candidate have to work extra hard to earn the position, as many administrative supervisors are promoted from within. However, whether you are an internal or an external candidate, your administrative supervisor resume needs to emphasize:

Desirable personality traits: As a key part of the office network, administrative supervisors need to be approachable, trustworthy, and effective at relationship building. The tone of your resume needs to be warm yet professional to highlight these traits.

Teamwork skills: Administrative supervisors work with several different team members to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines. Your resume needs to show your ability to work with teams and be a strong team member.

Project Management skills: You have responsibility for ensuring that tasks happen on schedule and that quality standards are met, even if there are competing priorities. On your resume, highlight experiences managing multiple deadlines, complex tasks, and limited resources.

Attention to detail: As the administrative supervisor, the details are your responsibility. Employers will be checking your resume for examples of your talent in this area.

Communication skills: You will be responsible for reporting to upper management and office staff about deadlines, orders, and issues. Effective communication skills are absolutely imperative to be successful in the job.

Resource management skills: Administrative supervisors have responsibility for two keep corporate resources: time and money. Your resume should show that you have experience with staffing schedules and office budget management.

Administrative supervisors keep offices running smoothly, even if they spend a lot of their time working behind the scenes. Partnering with all levels of the business and coordinating product delivery schedules makes this role critical for hiring managers to fill with the right candidate. By showing that you have both the administrative skills and the personality to do the job effectively, you can win out over the competition.

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