How to Use the Power Word Address in Resume Writing

address – to communicate to.
addressed, addressing
noun form – address

Address is a resume writing power word that can be utilized to show:

What to address – a person, an audience, a speech, a problem, an issue, a complaint, a letter, thoughts

How to use:
Use address to emphasize your communication skills.
Use address to highlight your public speaking abilities.

Resume Writing Examples Using Address:

Example that Shows Communication Skills

While touring the country, spoke to thousands of people and addressed their concerns.

Conclusion: This candidate is experienced in public speaking and focuses on the needs of his or her audience.

Example that Demonstrates Responsibility

As the company writer, addressed pertinent employee issues in a weekly newsletter.

Conclusion: This candidate is responsible for creating a weekly newsletter that concentrates on employee concerns.

Example that Demonstrates Leadership Ability

As project manager, spent time addressing the groups’ progress and relaying the information to other managers.

Conclusion: The candidate shows leadership ability by monitoring the progress of the workers and sharing the results with other workers at the company.

Synonyms: approach, attend to, call, concentrate on, devote to, direct, discourse, dispatch, engage in, focus, greet, inscribe, lecture, speak, tackle, talk, write

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