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Welcome! The Resume Dictionary is simple to use. Power resume writing in three easy steps. On the left side of the page, you will see a list of skills and abilities. Select a category that matches your purpose.

1. Determine the skills the employer is seeking

Review the job description, posting, or ad for the skills the employers is seeking and also think about the skills the employer might look for.

For example:

The job description usually describes the skills desired for the position. You want to know how to write a resume focused on the employer and the job opening.


2. Inventory your skills and choose the Power Words


3. Use the Power Words for Your Resume and Cover Letter


See the hottest resume tips to rehab your current resume with the inside information that will sell you to employers. With the help of the Resume Dictionary, you can boost your resume to the next level and embark on the career path of your dreams!


About the Resume Dictionary

The free Resume Dictionary was created so people have a powerful resource to create employer focused resumes and cover letters. The ultimate goal is to help you get the job you want. Whether you are a student seeking employment, a seasoned professional job hunter, making a career change, or returning to the workforce, the Resume Dictionary can help you.

The Resume Dictionary is the power tool for resume writing/

Inventory and categorize your resume skills.

Discover the hottest resume how to methods.

Give your resume the edge with power words, keywords, and phrases.

You can express your resume skills and abilities with power words.

Resume writing is easy with power vocabulary. You’ll discover how to write a resume the easy way using the power resume keywords employers look for and examples to create “resume star power.” Express your resume skills for team players for an extraordinary resume.  Get the attention you need to get the job you want.

We are constantly adding new words for resumes and cover letters. Many words in the Resume Dictionary have been submitted by employers, human resource directors, and resume screeners. Whether you are a seasoned professional needing a career change resume or have little experience and writing a student resume, the Resume Dictionary power words will make you stand out from the crowd with a perfect resume.
Also see cover letter words for action verbs for your cover letters.

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Boosting Your Skills with the FREE Resume Dictionary

Are you a resume writing amateur? You are not alone! Resume writing can be extremely challenging, even for the most brilliant and talented writers. What is a good resume?

A powerful resume uses impact language that makes your resume stand out. This language consists of power words and phrases that highlight your skills and abilities. Unfortunately, most job-seekers do not know how to use these power words accurately.

The FREE Resume Dictionary is an up-to-date resume how to resource for both resume writing beginners and resume writing pros. You will also find this site a powerful tool for KSA writing.

This website is an excellent free tool to help you get ahead of your competition with resume words.

Resume Writing: The Resume Dictionary Formula

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